SoftChain 2.0 now is Coming

DApp No Mobile Version

For most decentralized application don’t have mobile version. In SoftChain, we will optimizing user experience for mobile devices.

Block Synchronization Difficult

Most Ehtereum decentralized application need download ether data, but due to ethereum network principle it is hard sync with user device. In SoftChain, we will make a build-in ether wallet server to make user easy to access to ether network.

Cryptocurrency In-App Purchase

SoftChain will support cross-platform API to let user spend different cryptocurrency in different cross DApp. SoftChain will support with cryptocurrency In-App Purchase in DApp and transitional application.

Our Team

Hangyu Ye

Founder of SoftChain

Guanyu Chen

Co-Founder of SoftChain

Haodong Yang

Major Designer

Ting Du

CEO of Demo++

Major Advisor

Yaodong Yang


Major Tech Support

Support Organization