12 Things you need know about the blockchain


In early this month, we are talking to founder of Qtum, he said those following 12 point to blockchain fans and developers. In SoftChain, we are trying very hard to solve the problem which block already exist and make the blockchain environment better place.

  1. 99% of tokens will return to zero in the next 2-3 years. The industry dividends and liquidity premiums currently enjoyed will disappear. The surviving ratio is approximately 10/5000 , which is approximately 0.2%.
  2. Investors will be educated and become smarter. Everyone will gradually understand the nature of the blockchain and the nature of the decentralized network.
  3. The emergence of cryptocurrency has its historical inevitability and will surely fulfill its historical mission.
  4. With more and more digital assets linked to entities, airline miles will soon become a digital asset .
  5. The computing devices linked by the blockchain network will, in the short term, promote the growth of cloud services such as Amazon and Ali Cloud, which will hinder its growth in the long term.
  6. Block chain will change the software development industry, weaken the status of Store App and Google Play, more and more developers turn to develop the block chain, open protocols and clear mechanism for distribution of benefits, will eventually subvert Apple applications store.
  7. Software is the code of human thought and creation. Smart contracts are codes of business logic and interest mechanisms, but their influence is invisible and slow.
  8. To 10 years, several Super App (Facebook, Google, Amazon) let people forget the original appearance of the Internet, blocks chain concept of open protocols to wake up again, this time with a clear benefit distribution mechanism.
  9. The company system with control and rights as the core is replaced by a new type of distributed organization with the core of communityization and democratization. The emergence of the first form of compliance with virtual organizations also means changes in the structure of social organizations. Create and share .
  10. At present, 99% of the participants do not care about the project’s code progress and landing progress. They see the concept of fake space created by the project party and business plans that can never be landed .
  11. Open protocol block chain, and perhaps one day will link 10% of computers worldwide, and the formation of a multi-layer network architecture, but the bottom will still be a decentralized and highly fault-tolerant network, will grow out of the top of each A business center, but everything will be verifiable and resource-isolated, and the network can be restored at any time .
  12. Block long chain network attractive to developers is not the value of T oken, but no mass and no-cost user computing resources and bandwidth threshold can be touched, will attract many developers migrate.